NorthWestern Energy

Butte, MT | Consumer Goods & Services

Why NorthWestern Energy (NWE) Changed

NWE’s previous building complex was over 100 years old, had structural problems, and could not support the open, collaborative workstyles NWE desired for the future.

How NWE Changed

By constructing a new facility, NWE was able to develop their ideal workspace. Modern, more effective products allowed them to meet needs for every space, including open plan systems, private offices, conference rooms, auditorium space, and café areas.


The new building is efficient, attractive, and functional. Windows provide ample natural light and beautiful outdoor scenery. Height-adjustable worksurfaces and abundant power sources in tables throughout the building allow employees to choose how and where they want to work, encouraging movement during the day.

Favorite Space

The open office areas found on several floors provide support for both focused and collaborative work, with nearby spaces for quick touch-down meetings.

What Matters to NWE

Customer Service – NWE needed partners who could provide them with exceptional customer service, quality products, and the flexibility to meet NWE’s aggressive construction schedule.

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