The #19 chair is the sum expression of 18 integral parts - each one custom designed - plus one equally integral human being. It begins with you: how you sit, move, work, adjust, and recline. So it moves naturally with you, keeps you supported in every position, and makes you comfortable throughout the day, which means you can stay focused on ideas and concentrate on work.

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Part Human

Part Human

#19 delivers unsurpassed comfort, performance, sitting health, and a distinctive aesthetic perfect for executive offices and high-intensity workstations.

Ergonomics Redefined

Ergonomics Redefined

Self-balancing recline requires no tension adjustment. The unique Avatar weight balancing technology adjusts with your weight and movement, keeping your spine in proper alignment.

Superior Comfort

Superior Comfort

Work comfortably with Tria seat and VenTech back technologies. This unique combination helps distribute pressure and improve air circulation.

Designer Spotlight

“During the design process, we chose not to visualize the end result. But sometimes that interferes with the creativity of engineering. The process was very flexible. For the first several months, the team concentrated exclusively on the technical side – form followed function.”
- Marcus Koepke, Marcus Curtis Design


Idea Starters


Overall Dimensions H 40 - 45" W 26 1/2" D 27"
Seat Dimensions H 17 3/8" - 22 3/8" W 22 1/4" D 16 3/4" - 18 3/4"
Armrest Dimensions H 8" -12" W 13 1/4" - 18 1/8" D 12 3/8" - 13"
Backrest Dimensions H 25" W 17 7/8"

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